Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Talking Heads

Read the script, cite chapter and verse, be right, make him/her wrong, keep to the Talking Points, and hold to the Company Line—challenging all deviations. Of course, your opposing Talking Heads have different chapters, different verses, different scripts, different metaphors, claiming the authority of differing author-ities.

Talking Heads Talking at Talking Heads: all of them forgetting the heart, the soul.

“I know.”
“No, I know.”

“I have logic.”
“So do I.”

“I have heard from God.”
“Me too … He says to tell you that you are wrong.”

“My heart/conscience is telling me…”
“Mine is telling me the opposite…”

“Well, you have an agenda.”
“And you don’t?”

Too many words
Not enough listening
Monologues rather than dialogues
Commands rather than conversations

“Choose Your Weapons.”

“Words at twenty paces!”

The man with the Most Words wins
The woman with the Best Looking Head wins
The person with the Biggest Head wins

But … wins what? He certainly doesn’t win over a “whom,” so what was the point of it all? And what if my Head is wrong? How will I ever be corrected, grow in knowledge and wisdom, if I do not consider and reflect upon what others have said … if I do not stop talking and truly and empathetically listen?

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2099

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