Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Bight Light of a Great Soul

The Wrong we have Done, Thought, or Intended Will wreak its Vengeance on Our SOULS. –Carl Jung

Remember, we Christians think man lives for ever. Therefore, what really matters is those little marks or twists on the central, inside part of the soul which are going to turn it, in the long run, into a heavenly or a hellish creature. –CS Lewis

We are very aware of what kills the body, so we eat organic food, run 4 miles a day, take our daily vitamins, and stay away from neighborhoods where we could be shot. But what about what kills our souls? What happens to the health of our souls when, for the sake of the approval of others, we act with duplicity: mimicking the language, behavior, and attitudes, of others in ways that go contrary to our core values? Are we paying attention to the drip, drip, drip of poison that is seeping into our minds and hearts with every compromise? Do we really think we can debase our souls without consequence?

Our culture is spiritually impoverished. We have taken soul and spirit out of every arena of life, speaking and acting as if the material world is all there is and that the spiritual world is of no meaning or consequence. How do we maintain the health and integrity of our souls while living in a culture that praises and supports those individuals who have lost theirs? How do we defend or cleanse our souls from the filth that is gilded in fool’s gold that pervades our culture? And no, the answer is not to hide in home and church.

I suggest that this Herculean struggle begins with c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y reminding ourselves that we are more than blood, muscle, and bone, and that life consists of more than what we can see, touch, and taste. If you believe that your soul is immortal than every thought, every intention, every word, every choice, and every action, is shaping your soul “into a heavenly or a hellish creature.”

The next step is to begin asking yourself: “What feeds my soul?” Maybe it will be rituals that serve to remind you of the sacredness of life. Having friends with whom I can share soul is something that has always nourished me. What about daily spiritual exercises? Work that fulfills you definitely nourishes the soul. Creating experiences that leave us with memories that cause our hearts to glow is not something to overlook here. One such experience would be learning to appreciate art in all its forms and expressions. Gratitude also nourishes the soul, as do acts of love and care.

We live in a time when a man can gain the world, lose his soul, and his culture applaud him for having done so. However, rather than wringing our hands and muttering, “Woe be unto us,” think about this: living in such spiritual darkness means the bright light of a great soul is all the more powerful, vivid, and illuminating.

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2013

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