Monday, April 22, 2013

Treasures Found, Treasures Lost

I love watching all my children together, teasing each other, and laughing their eyeballs out. I love sharing soul with my friends, and my work with charities, serving the world’s poor and suffering. I love spending hours in an art museum, going to hear a symphony, and reading great literature. I love rose gardens and orchids, walking in parks, and watching the ocean, especially at night. I love meditating on and contemplating the nature of God: God’s Truth, God’s Wisdom, God’s Ways, God’s Love and Beauty, Goodness, and Mercy.

These are some of my treasures: where my soul experiences the greatest joy.

Where, and in doing what, and with whom, do you find joy, and how much time are you allotting for such soul nourishing experiences?  Is your soul’s joy important to you? Look at where you are spending your time and ask yourself, “Is this where I truly believe my joy--my treasure--lies?” Are there discrepancies between where you say your treasures are to be found, and where you are spending your time? 

If you asked the people in your world where all you find joy, what would they say: Facebook? Books? Him? Her? Me? Them? (And how specifically do these people know you find joy in them?) Nature? Arguing? Work? TV? Music? Doing nothing? Family? God? Serving others? Sleeping? Drinking? Eating? Working out? What does where you spend your time communicate about where you truly believe the treasure of joy is to be found?

Time for her, time for him, and time for them: time for this, time for that, and time for the other thing. Where you spend your time is where you believe your heart’s treasure resides, for time is your most precious possession, and its expenditure tells her, tells him, tells them, and tells God, who and what Is of greatest value to you. I truly pray that where you spend your time creates the returns, the rewards, and the joy, for which you are hoping, and that you never find yourself looking back in regret … at treasures lost.

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2013

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