Thursday, April 25, 2013

Magical Mirrors

On a recent transatlantic flight, I sat next to a young lady who went on and on about finding her “soul mate.” “Our likes and dislikes are even the same!” “We finish each other’s sentences!” “We agree on everything!” She was genuinely and unashamedly happy and wanted everyone to know, which I found very endearing. The happiest of people always want the world to know. However, my inner coach was stuck on her comment that she and her love agreed on everything.

Coach Wilson: So you agree on everything?
Ms. In-Love: (Big smile) Yes!
Coach Wilson: You never argue?
Ms. In-Love: Never! (All her sentences had exclamation points. Trust me.)
Coach Wilson: Aren’t you worried that you might get bored after a while?
Ms. In-Love: (Dreamy eyed) O, noooooooo! Never!!

As I wasn’t interested in raining on her parade, I decided to refrain from saying, “If you agree on everything, then one of you is redundant.” But my inner conversation continued. It seems to me that what we should be wanting in a soul- sharer is an ability to hold up a mirror to our souls so that, abracadabra, we see what we have, up until now, been blind to. 

Have you ever been in a relationship where many of the encounters left you turning inward, facing unrealized potential or unpleasant realities? (Note: Soul sharers bring us joy but they don’t always make us happy.) This is part of what I am referring to when I write about sharing soul. There is something about this companion that brings you to your attention. I have had such a relationship and, believe me, it is the greatest of gifts.

I believe that one of the most important aspects in developing a great soul is self-awareness. The challenge here is that we only know what we are conscious of: we are ignorant of what lies within the unconscious. Think about this. Whatever remains at the level of unconsciousness remains outside self-critique and self-governance.

Self-awareness doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I need a soulful person who acts as a mirror, helping me to see what has heretofore been hidden and, therefore, holding me back. This is the companion that helps free me to more fully become the self I was created to be and to fulfilling my calling. I do so hope and pray, that Ms. In-Love and her Beau, have found such souls in each other.

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2013

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