Friday, May 8, 2015

Getting Beyond Going Nowhere

A buddy of mine and I were walking toward the elevators at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. We were there facilitating a training on sales and persuasion and were discussing the outcomes for the afternoon’s workshop. As we were approaching our elevator, I saw four men stepping inside and the doors beginning to close. Rather than yelling for them to hold the door, I motioned for my friend to wait.

As we stood there talking, the elevator doors opened and, as I was about to step inside, I saw the same four men still standing there. I grabbed my buddy’s arm and said, “Let’s watch.” The doors closed. A few moments passed and, when the doors opened, they were still standing there. One of the men saw me and I could see that he was puzzled but they allowed the doors to close again. When they reopened, you could see on their faces that they now realized they weren’t going anywhere.

Stepping inside, I showed the men the keycard they would need in order to push the button that would take them to the penthouse: the only floor this particular elevator went. I asked them if they’d like to come up but they scurried out as quickly as possible.

So many people live there lives in an “elevator” that isn’t going anywhere.

Sometimes all they need is for someone to give them the correct keycard. 

Sometimes they need to be shown that they are sitting still because they refuse to use the keycard.

Sometimes people need to be pointed toward an entirely different elevator.

From time to time, we all need someone to help us get beyond going nowhere: a coach who will help us see what we are not seeing, hear what we are not hearing, feel those feelings that we have spent a lifetime avoiding, all so that we can finally get moving again toward whom we were called to become and doing what we were called to do.

·      Instead of feeling hopeless and helpless, standing there in a stationary elevator, allow yourself to feel the anticipation of walking through doors where you will be making significant contributions in the lives of family members, friends, and at work. Now. Allow yourself to believe that such a life is possible for you.

·      If, up until now, you chose to only punch “B” for Basement, where you can perform all that is required of you without the slightest degree of effort, see yourself living a life that reflects the best of you—of your gifts, your talents, your wisdom, and your faith.

·      Are you weary of playing an elevator attendant? Does it feel like everyone around you is going somewhere, except you? What if you were shown a floor where you could engage your life in pursuit of a vision that filled you with a sense of purpose?

·      Maybe you are one of those individuals whom everyone sees as mega-successful, while you know there is a black hole of meaninglessness in your soul. What if you had someone in your life that could help you discover how to fill your soul with life, love, and joy?

·      Are you stuck in an elevator with people (friends, family, or coworkers) who do not know it is not moving, yet lack the skills to inspire and instruct them in how to get moving? How would your life look, what would you be experiencing and accomplishing, if you could learn these skills?

If you are stuck in an elevator going nowhere and know you need some help, I am available, as a life-coach. You can contact me at to schedule a conversation about how to get moving. The first session is free.  

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2015

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