Sunday, May 27, 2012

Heart and Soul at Work

Have you ever worked along side an individual who was constantly angry or hurt or jealous, or demanded special treatment: someone who is the star in their very own soap opera? Well that is not what this article is about.  I want us to consider the human need for expressing our heart and soul in our work, not human emoticons.
As a professional coach and mentor, I have worked with so many people who were merely looking for the Right Job: the job that matched their skills and paid the most money. While a healthy dose of pragmatism is necessary, if my quest is not grounded in the intent to express who I am (or as much as my Self as presently possible), then I will ultimately find myself in a job where I experience frustration and constant disappointment ... or worse: depression.
How many people do you know who truly love their work, who love what they are doing? How many people do you know who find a deep sense of fulfillment in what they are accomplishing and achieving? My experience is, not so many.
Some of the reasons for this are:

Thinking solely about money and never giving “calling” or “vocation” a single thought.

Allowing personal history or tradition to be the final arbiter of what we are to do with our futures.

A mindless, go-with-the-flow mindset where circumstance are driving our car, while we sit in the backseat.

Submitting to Authorities, assuming that they know more than we do about exactly what will lead to our true happiness.

            When any of the above is the North Star of my decision making, I end up working at jobs rather than fulfilling my calling. How do I express my heart and soul in my work if they were left out of the decision-making process? The work I am performing needs to have a vital link to who I am — to my heart and soul -- if I am ever going to experience any sense of satisfaction and meaningfulness with my work. Or so I believe …
 Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2012

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