Monday, October 3, 2016

Off-Loading Love in Honduras!

This small nation is the 2nd poorest nation, after El Salvador, in Central America, and the 6th poorest nation in all of Latin America.  Over 60% of the population lives in the depths of poverty, eking out an existence on $2.50 per day.

It is also ranked 9th in the world (WHO) for “violent death,” aka murder. When a nation is so impoverished that it hasn’t the resources to provide sufficient protection to its citizens, especially from those trafficking in drugs, we know that the average citizen is living with dread every time they or the children leave home.

As you would expect, however, it isn’t just crime and poverty that is racking this nation: they are also suffering with diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

Poverty, violent crime, and disease, all scream, Please, Come. Help. Us. 

On this particular trip, we brought in millions of dollars worth of medicines to distribute to doctors from across the nation. The need is great, as pharmacies and even the hospitals have little or no drugs to dispense to their patients. As one doctor told me, “I can write prescriptions all day, but no one can fill them.”

Dr Raul presiding over distribution. Every case, every pill, is accounted for, as is exactly what each doctor received.

The faces of physicians receiving medicines were awesome. They looked like children on Christmas morning! 

Dr Raul told me that we have touched the lives of 35,000 people with the medicines we have been sending in.

The military here forms brigades that go out into villages and distributes medical supplies. 

It was an incredible opportunity to serve some amazing doctors and their patients. 

One of the things that can be challenging to communicate regarding distributing aid is that, for the recipients (as well as for us the donors), this is far more than a material transaction. For them, the medicine communicates that people see their plight and care. So. We are not merely off-loading items from container ships: we are off-loading love. And because of support from people like you, we will continue doing so!


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