Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Magical Formulas, Hidden Keys, and Yellow Brick Roads

Most Americans seem to believe that the quest for success and happiness will be attained if we can only find the right formula, the correct key that opens Door No. 1, the hidden path that will take us to the Yellow Brick Road. We scour bookstores and attend seminars that will show us the way: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom, The 3 Principles of Healthy Relationships, 10 Steps to Rearing Perfect Children, The 4 Spiritual Laws for Walking with God.

A + B x C - D = success

Tic off each box in exact order and the Good Life will be yours

Follow this map Get on State Rd 7, go 2 miles, turn left at traffic signal onto Miracle Mile, and then, in .5 miles, merge on to Transformation Interstate. In 20 miles you will see exit to Yellow Brick Rd/Kingdom Living/Nirvana.

Take the correct steps, follow the directions perfectly and success and happiness will be yours.

So, we read the books, listen to the gurus, follow the directions, and end up on a snaking pathway through a dense forest enveloped in foggy mists that swallow you up.

“How in the heck did I get here? Maybe the map was faulty?”

Author: No, the problem was that you failed to read my sequel. For just $19.99 you’ll be back on your way.

“Create Your Destiny: Change Your Karma”
Does anyone else feel like an oxy-moron?

Just download this program into your brain and you will experience health, wealth, and happiness. Oops. Ok. Download Perfect Life 2.0.

Frost: Take the road less traveled. That’s the ticket.

Question: if hundreds of thousands of people take the Road Less Traveled can we any longer call it Less Traveled? And wouldn’t the road then become a well-worn trail, easy to follow?  

Time to exit.

I know -- I’ll read some of the more Eastern authors. Gosh darn, they just ooze with spirituality, don’t they?

Mystic: There are no mists, Wilson. The forest is a mirage.
Me: My sucking chest wound is real
Mystic: Woosah
Me: I need a transfusion!
Mystic: You’re “I” is not really here
Me: Neither are you

More books  Have Faith; Obey God’s Rules; Be Virtuous; Be Authentic; Recreate Yourself and Be Someone Else; Work Hard; Work Wiser; Be Principled; Go With the Flow; Follow Your Bliss; Let Go; Hold On.

Insanity gradually descends. There’s something wrong with me. It’s her/his/their/its fault that I am not successful and happy.

Few stop and question their definition of “success.” Fewer stop and ask themselves is my “happiness” what life is really all about. Fewer still wonder what really matters, in light of eternity.

Be one of the fewer still.

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2016

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