Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beware of People

Beware of people void of self-awareness: they will trip you up and cost you big time, and not even know it.

Beware of vampires who continually suck the life out of you, always taking but rarely giving: they are not your friends.   

Beware of people who never make up their minds, agreeing with everyone and no one: they are unstable and unreliable.

Beware of average people: they are satisfied with an average life, produce average work, and only want and give an average love.

Beware of stupid people: they despise knowledge and have a phobia of discipline

Beware of the gossiper: one day he will betray you.

Beware of people incapable of anger: they are incapable of love and revere nothing as sacred.

Beware of people who “honor” you while making light of and, thereby, trashing all that you value: what they call honor is actually condescending pity.

Beware of people who are too quick and effusive in praising you: they are after something.

Beware of people that do not inspire you to be a better person but, rather, lead you toward being smaller, meaner, more foolish, or to betray your values and principles.

Beware of people who wish to tilt the scales of justice toward the poor or the rich: they are not seeking moral equity but vengeance or self-aggrandizement.

Beware of envious people who do not celebrate the good fortune and success of others: they do not want to possess the “good” or to earn it for themselves — they want to destroy it, along with the individual(s) who possesses it.

Beware of people who constantly ridicule and condemn others: their bitterness and mean-spiritedness are infectious.

Beware of ideologues and utopians: the slightest disagreement and, in the blinking of an eye, they will sacrifice you to their cause like a fatted calf.

Beware of becoming a person to beware of.

Copyright, Monte E Wilson, 2012

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